2024 NBA Playoffs Bracket Update

The NBA is now officially in the postseason as we now have the final 2024 NBA Playoffs bracket. Down to 16 teams, those who love sports betting are in for a treat as we have quite the bracket. Betting on the NBA will surely skyrocket the closer we get to the finals. Find out which teams made the cut, who they will be playing against as we give you the final bracket and the matchup for the first round of the NBA playoffs.

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2024 NBA Playoffs Bracket

2024 NBA Playoffs Bracket UpdateWe are in Game 3 of the first round series, so if you have missed out on the first two, then do not fret. It will be hard for teams to score a series lead this early on. It does, of course, present us with more betting options as we look to the next few games in the series. You can find out what the average sports bet size in a sportsbook is and see how much the earning potential is for NBA betting.

First up, we have the Celtics versus the Heat. They are both tied 1-1, so Saturday’s game will surely be one to watch. Meanwhile, the Knicks and the 76ers are in for a tough game as the 76ers try to break the 2-0 lead of the Knicks. The Pacers and the Bucks are tied 1-1, so we will see which team will come out to lead this weekend. The Lakers are struggling, and the defending champions Nuggets are very, very close to kicking the Lakers out of the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers are enjoying a 2-1 win over Magic and we will see if they can sustain this lead throughout the first round. The Pelicans, however are 0-2 against the Thunder, and will need to fight back on Saturday if they want a shot in the finals this season. The Timberwolves are also enjoying their 2-0 lead against the Suns, while the Clippers and Mavericks are 1-1. We’ll keep you updated on the new scores as we see games 3-4 of the series play over the weekend. The first round will play on up to May 5.

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