The Difference Between Online Slot Games and Slot Machines

When it comes to casino gaming, slots are definitely a huge part of the experience. In any casino, you can see a minimum of dozens, to around hundreds of slot machines scattered across the floor. In some countries, there are retail gaming shops that exclusively offer slots. Online, you can also play slot games as you would in a casino. But what is the difference between online slot games and slot machines?

If you look at gambling news, you will see that the gaming activity between online and retail casinos differs by state, but there is a growing percentage of online slot machine users and activity over the years.

Slot Machines

The Difference Between Online Slot Games and Slot MachinesSlot machines are physical machines that you will see lined up in casinos and gambling shops. The themes of each slot machine will differ, as will the provider. But all of these machines have the same rules- to create patterns that will determine if the player wins a game or not. These games will have different RTP (return to player) rates, will have different bonuses, or promotions and the like.

You can switch games by moving to another machine, but some players may want to stick to one machine in the hopes of hitting the jackpot, or pulling in a large payout. Many casino goers either go by strategy, or superstition, or tradition. But of course, slot machines are randomly generated.

Online Slot Games

The same goes for online slot games. Results are randomly generated, and RTP varies. However, since the games are digital, you can choose to go for another game, and not lose the amount you need to wager to qualify for a bonus. Of course, some online casinos will have a selection of slots that they focus promoting on. You can check out this online bookie software to see the wide variety of slot games people can play online.

And speaking of variety, this is one of the other advantages of online slot machines. In an online casino, there are hundreds of slot games from multiple providers, with multilingual support. So you can easily switch through dozens of games without having to stand up. With access to more games, and an integrated reward or bonus system, you can enjoy more, and potentially earn even more with online slots. And if you become a pay per head bookie, you can even earn more by owning an online casino.


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