Biggest Wagers Made in The History of Sports Betting

As a bettor, you have to be in the loop when it comes to sports events as updated with the latest odds and lines. Checking out reputable sites should be part of your daily routine. Find out the biggest wagers made in the history of sports betting through this article.

Remember, knowledge is everything. You must learn not only how to bet but what and who to place your bets on. With betting online for Koreans, it is indeed more challenging as its law restrictions are also to be considered. But there are sites where Koreans are accepted.

Top 3 Biggest Wagers in Sports Betting History

Richard Hopkins Betting on Lewis Hamilton

Biggest Wagers Made in The History of Sports BettingWhen Richard Hopkins discovered Lewis Hamilton in a go-kart event back in 1998, he was already sure of one thing. He then made a bet on Hamilton that a Grand Prix championship by the age of 23. He made a wager of £200 with an odd of 300/1. He also made a wager for Hamilton to become a world champion, this timer for a strange of 500/1.
Hopkins won both bets, and he won not less than £165,000 in overall profit.

The Tiger Woods $85,000 Masters bet

Presumably that Tiger Woods is the best and most refined golf player ever. Truth be told, until this point, nobody has outperformed what Woods has accomplished in his vocation, at any rate by the record.

Even though he is not, at this point viewed as a “definite win” wager, he sued to be the programmed top pick of each bettor at whatever point plays a game–and it is for an explanation, as he generally emerges from the top for each game that he plays on. Despite him being over the hill as a wagering top choice, bettor James Adducci bet $85,000 for Woods on the 2019 Masters, with a chance of 14/. Adducci won the wager and brought home about $1.2 million in benefit.

The New Orleans Saints $3.5 million wager

Albeit pro athletics bettor Billy Waters experiences experienced issues with the law in the previous scarcely any years, he was once perceived as probably the best game handicappers of his time. In 2010, during the Super Bowl XLIV, the New Orleans Saints had a go head to head with the Indianapolis Colts, with the Saints being the longshot in those days.

Walters made a wager for the dark horse Saints for $3.5 million. The game occurred, and albeit many individuals in those days, the two bettors and non-bettors the same, pull for the Colts to dominate the match. New Orleans amazed everybody by making a few bucks by finishing the game with a 31-17 triumph against the Saints.