Indiana Sports Betting Achieves Record Handle in September

More players engaged in Indiana sports betting in September. As a result, the handle reached a new record high of $355 million for the month. The previous record was $348 million that was achieved in January 2021.

The state earned $3.2 million in sports betting taxes in September, which increased 64.8 percent from $215 million in August. Also, it was an increase of 71.3 percent year over year. Sports betting and casino news experts credit the growth in the handle to the start of the football season.

People who bet on volleyball and other sports know that football is the king of sports betting. Aside from NFL games, college football games will attract many players. Also, the sports betting industry will continue to grow. It would attract more wagers as the NBA returns and MLB postseason begins.

Indiana Sports Betting Handle Milestone

Indiana Sports Betting Achieves Record Handle in SeptemberAccording to casino tutorials and news sites, Indiana sports betting handle in the first nine months was $2.4 billion. It was an increase from $1.8 billion in the same period in 2020. The state is one of the five most significant sports betting markets in the US. Also, analysts expect US sportsbooks to accept $4 billion in bets for the year.

Almost two-thirds of all sports bets in Indiana went to a Northwest Indiana casino or with an affiliated mobile sports betting firm.

On the other hand, Horseshoe Casino had the highest casino revenue at $32 million in September. The amount is the revenue after paying winning bettors. In second place is the new Hand Rock Casino at $29 million.

However, Hard Rock Casino was on top in total table casino games play and win. Bettors wagered $44 million at casino tables in September. Horseshoe received $32 million at casino tables. In addition, Hard Rock was on top in both blackjack and baccarat for the first time since it opened last May 14.

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